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Your Carson City Drug Attorney

Joey Gilbert Law are Carson City Drug Attorneys that are focused on one goal – getting you the best result possible. Joey Gilbert Law business model and business decisions are centered on creating the best possible defense for you. Our model is centered on the most important person in the process, you. Not every client is the same; therefore, not every defense approach should be the same either. Our approach is comprised of top criminal attorneys, experts, and effective tactics. Our philosophy can be stated in three points:

Attorneys, strategy, resources, and assertion are what make the best defense for you. These are the keys to our legal model, which will produce the best result for your case.

Drug Crimes

Everyone makes mistakes, however some mistakes may have a greater impact than others. If you find yourself charged with one or even multiples drug crimes, such as: distributing drugs, engineering, or simply possessing drugs you may be facing a high sever penalty and need an experienced attorney on your side. The central factor in any drug arrest or crime is most greatly affected by determining the drug involved. The controlling law in this decision is held under the Controlled Substance Act. Under the act, there are five schedules of drugs. The most highly penalized being schedule 1. Our Carson City Drug Attorneys have vast aunderstanding on the laws on drugs and more importantly, how to build a credible defense against each charge.

Drug Trafficking Charges in Nevada

Drug Trafficking in Nevada:

Intent to Distribute:

Intent to Distribute:


Drug charges in Nevada present an immense difficulty for those arrested for and charged with these offenses. If you are facing this traumatic position, you need to contact Joey Gilbert Law as soon as possible for a consultation.

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